Teen and dog die together

teen and dog

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A teen and her dog have died as the result of a horrific car crash in the Chicago area.

At least one 15-year-old teen girl and a her dog, a Doberman, have been pronounced dead as the result of an unfortunate accident that occurred in the Chicago area early Tuesday morning.

Fifteen-year-old Taylor Stinchcomb, of Gurnee, IL, was in an apparent state of distress after she overheard a conversation which elucidated that the family’s Doberman, which had cancer, may have had to be euthanized. Unable to cope with the sad news, Stinchcomb allegedly took the Doberman and her family’s minivan and drove off.

Another teen that has not been named was also involved in the accident, and is reported to have been driving the 2003 Dodge minivan when it rolled over and struck several trees and a utility pole. There has been no update on the unnamed girl’s status so far.


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