Adoption Centers to Replace Pet Stores in Malls

Adoption centers to replace pet stores at malls?

  • By: Brian Webb By: Brian Webb

PHOENIX – Pet stores at malls may soon be replaced by pet adoption centers.

Westcor may be planning to make the transition company wide, in all of its 90 stores across America.

They own many in Arizona and have already swapped traditional pet stores with adoption centers run by the Humane Society at two Valley malls.

Company officials will only say they are working on the details.

The deal would reportedly let leases run out on the pet stores and the adoption centers would move in rent free.

Animal rights groups are rejoicing.  Many of them protest traditional pet stores at malls on a weekly basis, claiming the animals there are often neglected, mistreated, and come from puppy mills.

“We are very, very happy” said Jan McClellan who protests pet stores at Valley malls every weekend for the past few years.  “It’s good for business and will save many lives.”

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