Therapy Dogs Ease Stress for Law Students

Therapy dogs serve so many roles, helping people of all ages from elementary aged children to the oldest seniors. Therapy dogs can serve in schools, libraries, nursing homes, hospitals, and hospices. They work at rehabilitation facilities and homes for battered children. Some therapy dogs even spend time in therapists’ and doctors’ offices.

Check out this story about how therapy dog visits to law students help ease stress during exam time.

Here’s what the students say,

“There’s just something so cool,” she said, “about seeing a dog at school.”


One of the great things about therapy dogs — and believe me, there are SO many great things, I could write (and have written) a book! — is there are so many venues, you’re bound to find something that suits both your personality and the personality of your therapy dog pooch. Find out more about this amazing work in The Power of Wagging Tails and get started on your amazing therapy dog adventure.


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