Buffalo Police are investigating a reported dognapping

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Buffalo Police are investigating a reported dognapping in the city’s Elmwood district. What’s unusual about it, according to police, is that four masked men reportedly surrounded a woman to steal the dogs she was walking.
This reported dog-napping happened while a dog sitter was out walking the dogs, which are two Boston Terriers named Gabby, a five-year-old female, and Gilly, a seven-year-old male.
According to a Buffalo police spokesperson, the dog sitter told police that last Wednesday, as she was walking the dogs near the corner of Norwood Ave and Summer Street at 10:15pm, four males, whose faces were covered by bandanas, got out of a gray Chevy and surrounded her.
Police said the victim told them she let go of the dogs and ran off, and then the men took the dogs.
The dogs are owned by Jordie Kindervater and Sarah Slusak of Buffalo. Since then, the two owners, who were away celebrating their engagement in Mexico, returned home and have been posting fliers all over the Elmwood District. They’re even offering a $2,000 reward.
“Our friends and family that have met them — everybody loves them,” Kindervater said.
“I always assumed that this was a safe neighborhood,” Slusak said.
The owners have even started a Facebook page to help find Gabby and Gilly. Anyone with any information is encouraged to call the Buffalo Police anonymous tipline at 847-2255.
While some online accounts of this event have suggested the dog-nappers also tried to kidnap the dog-sitter, according to a spokesperson for the police department, in the initial police report, the victim never indicated that this also was an attempted kidnapping. The report, according to the spokesperson, only indicated that the dog-nappers surrounded the victim, and wanted the dogs.http://www.wgrz.com/news/article/149589/37/Buffalo-Police-Investigating-Reported-Dognapping

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  1. Yes, exactly. I just hope the dogs are not being used as bait dogs:(

  2. God speed at getting the dogs back to their owners. I can’t imagine what they and the dogs are going through. And the Dog Walker must be horrible shape.
    I for the life of me can not understand what kind of human being could possibly do that to another (not that I am saying the perpetrators are the slightest bit human). I hope that there is video footage that can quickly identify maybe even good enough to get a license plate.
    My heart, thoughts and prayers for the quick return, the safety of the dogs and speedy recovery from the mental anguish that everyone concerned must be going through.
    As for the perps, forget the court system, take them out to some back field and do away with the scum.

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