Kitchen Sink Stew

Why kitchen sink..well often it seemed I was including everything but the kitchen sink.
You can alter this many ways, veggies of your choice or a mixture of vegetables. Turkey, tuna, salmon, hardboiled eggs you get the idea.
This recipe can also be blended and turned into a gravy to mix with your dogs dry food. Or maybe you can pour some of the blended variety into ice cube trays and give to your dog on a hot summer day as a treat.


Cook enough rice to make 10 cups worth
(follow package directions)
Combine cooked rice with
1 pound ground turkey
16 or 18 ounces of vegetables
I steam mine and then add them to rice and turkey

Once complete remove from heat, cool and then refrigerate
until you are ready to use.
When serving to pet, serve at room temperature…Enjoy

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