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Sad but true

*Not directed at animal lovers that have given a “free to good home” pet a loving home* People giving away pets to anyone for free is possibly giving thier pet a death sentence.Rehome responsibly. PETS THAT ARE OFFERED “FREE TO GOOD HOME” …can
– Become a victim of neglect
-Be used as bait for fighting dogs
 – Be sold for experiments in research labs
 – Be used for ‘blooding’ racing greyhounds
 – Be taken by animal abusers, who may torture or kill it.
 -Be used for breeding in puppy mills or by backyard breeders to supply pet shops and live in shocking conditions for the rest of thier lives.
-Be used for bait in cray and crab pots.
-Be used in dog fighting rings.
-Slaughtered for pet food or human consumption

Hands & Paws

The eyes have it !!!!