This is starting to be an issue already

If you witness this problelm call parking lot security, animal control or the police dept.

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  1. Hey there! 🙂 Thank you for posting this. This angers me so much when I see dogs sitting in hot vehicles!! One time I actually phoned the police … I was so upset. This woman went to the gym and took her 2 dogs and always left them in the car in the hot heat of summer!! One day, one of the dogs had jumped out through the window and was wandering through the parking lot (a small dog). I scooped it up and went into the gym to find out whose dog it was … do you know the woman didn’t even thank me but scolded the dog!! I should have let her have it … I wanted to but I bit my tongue. Haven’t seen her back in a long time! 🙂

    • I went through this the other day at the hospital. Someone left a hound in the car, windows craked 1in. The poor dog was crying. It was breezy outside but just sitting in the car writting a note to leave on the drivers windsheild I was hot & sticky. I went back into the reception desk and the security guys were called. I was soooooo annoyed.

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