Appalled Artist, Animal Activist, Human Being


Artist Tom Otterness has been commissioned by an unnamed donor to sculpt bronze lions at the Battery Park Branch of New York Public Library for $750,000.  In 1977, Otterness was involved in another art project.  He bought a shelter dog, chained it to a fence, shot it to death and filmed the murder in a movie he called ‘Shot Dog Film.’
This crime has tainted any work he shows, publicly, and it would be a disgrace for the NY Public Library to let this project proceed.

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  1. That’s pretty sick stuff. But you know how some artist types are. They think it’s cool to be offensive. It does no good to protest them because they love the notoriety.

    • I know it’s strange how some minds think and rationalize their behavior. I wonder if he’s ever regreted his decision or totaled up all of the money he has lost from jobs/contracts pulled out from under him.

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