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Can dogs sense the passing of time?

My dogs have always known when it’s time for me to come home. About 20-30 minutes before I am due home I am told they move towards the door and window in anticipation.


We dog lovers have noticed that our dogs know when it’s time for their walk, or their treat, or time for mom or dad to come home. I remember my Yorkie, Fiskus, going to the window that overlooked the driveway, shortly before my husband was due to come home from work. He did this faithfully, every weekday.

We know that our dogs won’t give us quite the same enthusiastic greeting we get after being away for hours or days, when we have only been away for 15 minutes.

The question is, for animals that seem to live only in the moment, how are they able to anticipate these events?

There has apparently been very little in the way of actual scientific experiments done with dogs to try to understand their sense of time. Research has focused mainly on rodents and primates, but there have been experiments on dogs’ reactions to…

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