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I would like to wish everyone Happy Holidays and hope everyone is safe and well. I can not believe it has been almost two months since my last post. Meeeeeeee who loves to blog 2-3x a week.
I have been on the road and am currently in Las Vegas spending time with my dad. This is a trip Valentina (chihuahua and my boss) really enjoys as she loves to lounge in the sun. We hope to pick up our pace and get back on track soon, hope Santa brings a new laptop or ipad…hint hint Santa.


Animal control officer loses job after taking dog home from work – Chicago Sun-Times

Animal control officer loses job after taking dog home from work – Chicago Sun-Times.

Chihuahua survives house fire hiding in cupboard for 15 hrs

Lily the Chihuahua survives house fire for 15 hours in the kitchen cupboard


When Jackie and Iam Heys of the UK went out for dinner, a fire broke out in their home around 7pm. The roof and most of the house was destroyed, but they managed to save a box of mementoes of their only daughter who had died of a rare cancer when she was eight-years-old.

They were able to save two of their Chihuahuas, but they were sure that Lily had died in the fire.

However Lily had scrambled into a kitchen cupboard and hid for 15 hours under a blanket as the fire raged through the bungalow.

The next morning they asked a fireman to retrieve her body.

Mrs. Heys said,

…he walked towards us with her in his arms and she moved. He’d found her in the kitchen cupboard. She was as black as coal. I held her and cuddled her, then she went up to the fireman and started jumping up at him, almost as if to say thank you.

Out of all this tragedy, she is the miracle. She’s risen from the ashes. We’re going to call her Lily Phoenix now. The story