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4 Ways Pets Improve Your Health | Yahoo! Health

4 Ways Pets Improve Your Health | Yahoo! Health.

Massage Your Pet

We all know massage is good for you, helps you relieve stress and so much more.
If you would like to give your pet the same benefits that could:
Improve oxygenation into muscles and tissues
Improve elasticity of muscles
Improve range of motion, flexibility and stride length
Improve performance level at shows and events and reduce recovery time.
Relieve contracted muscles
Relieve stress and tension
Improve circulation; helps to remove waste from the system more effectively.
Improve energy levels; improves posture; motor skills; balance; improvement to skin and coat; digestion; etc.
You can give you pet a massage in the comfort of your own home. Not a professional massage therapist, neither am I although pets love the attention
from your “gentle” touch. At your own discretion and with a light touch (never use deep pressure as you may injure your pet) your pet will probably
treasure a little one on one time.
I found a great site that offers a free download brochure for the pet owner interested in pet massage…Enjoy