Blind Pug and Her Pug Guide Dog Need a Home

Do you know anyone in the UK that would like to adopt ….. pass this on

Franky left and his blind BFF, Elly

An adorable blind pug and her BFF, who also happens to be her volunteer guide dog, are in need of a loving home together after being found in “poor condition” in South Wales, U.K.

Franky, a big black pug, is very playful and rambunctious. Elly, a fawn-colored small pug, is super cuddly. Elly sniffs the air and nuzzles into Franky for guidance, and Franky leads her safely on walks, and to food and other points of interest.

Elly leans into Franky for guidance

‘This little duo obviously love each other very much,” says Elaine Buchan, manager of the RSPCA center in Newport, South Wales. “They both like to partake in doggy delights such as playing with toys and sniffing trees, but it is clear to center staff they did not have that life before.”

I wonder what their circumstances were before the RSPCA got them. The dogs will have to have operations before their adoption. I could not find out why from any story out there.

Any Dogster readers in Wales have room in your hearts and homes for this beautiful puggy pair? Better sign up soon, because if they’re anything like the blind dog and guide dog in the photo below, people will be lining up by the hundreds to adopt them. (These great Danes in Shropshire, England, were put up for adoption because their owners could no longer care for the two. Are they gorgeous or what?)

Sources: The Daily MailBBC

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  1. All of the doggies are so beautiful (inside and out!)

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