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“There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.” 45 dogs, everyone!


Photo: "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face." 45 dogs, everyone!


Pretty Clear

Heat.Heat. and MORE Heat

Pets and Yoga

Ommmmm… Read this awesome post about pets and Yoga!  You’ll love it!  Click ♥ ♥ to see it 🙂

Photo: Ommmmm... Read this awesome post about pets and Yoga!  You'll love it!  Click <3 <3 to see it :)

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How Many Times

How many times must people be told DO NOT LEAVE your dog in a hot car….

NYC Carriage Horse Alert


Carriage horses suspended today due to 91 degree temp – if you see horses out, report to ASPCA 212-876-7700 ext 4450.

Let’s Help One Another

Let’s help one another… is there and elderly person or someone with a disability in your neigborhood who could use your help with their pet? In this heat it is not good for such folks to be outside. Volunteer to walk their pet or fill out door water bowls.

Let’s check in on these folks even if they don’t have pets, compassion works everywhere 🙂

Simple words to pass on to your friends

HOT…HUMID…STICKY….what more can we say. Please don’t leave your dogs in the car. I know they beg, they plead, they give us those soulful eyes. Leave them home and when you return give a little extra love and a treat.

Please make sure you leave extra water out for animals and this is high tick and flea weather, is your pet protected? Please pass on to remind your friends.

Tea Tree Oil and Pet Poison Hotline

Tea Tree Oil is toxic to dogs and cats. If your dog or cat has been poisoned by tea tree oil, call your vet or Pet Poison Helpline 800-213-6680.

This is starting to be an issue already

If you witness this problelm call parking lot security, animal control or the police dept.